Palonot is a solution to global sustainability problems

New era for biobased construction materials

Climate change puts pressure on companies to explore sustainable and biobased materials for construction, but almost all bio-based materials are flammable, which restricts the growth.

There is a clear demand for novel fire retardants (FR) to expand the business potential for chosen products and markets.

Palonot FR technology is just right answer to the demand.

Market drivers supporting Palonot’s business area

Increase in importance of Climate Change – CO2 neutrality

Use of biobased materials especially in construction are increasing

Resource Availability

Utilisation of side-stream, recycled and waste biomass in biobased materials is coming mandatory

Urbanisation requires new housing and built environment for over 3.5 milliard people.


Many widely used flame retardant chemicals are due to be banned and regulations for fire safety across all building materials is tightening

Green values

Rising awareness on environmental issues leads to a change in consumer preferences

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