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The Future of Fire Retardation
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The Future of Fire Retardation

The game changing innovation 

We provide a novel fire-retardant technology for a variety of industrial applications. Our product, Palonot F1, provides substantial fire protection for wood-based products and is an easier and a more sustainable solution than conventional fire-retardation technologies.

Our patented technology is based on ionic liquids (ILs) and on green chemistry. Compared to conventional fire-retardation methods, our fire retardant provides possibilities to lessen the use of chemicals. The lessened use derives from high active component density and more even spreading due to ionic liquid technology. 

Palonot F1 does not contain any Substances of Very High Concern.

The bioeconomy is a solution to global sustainability problems

The European Commission defines the bioeconomy as

”the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, biobased products and bioenergy. Its sectors and industries have strong innovation potential due to their use of a wide range of sciences, enabling and industrial technologies, along with local and tacit knowledge.”

New era for biobased construction materials

Climate change puts pressure on companies to explore sustainable and biobased materials for construction, but almost all bio-based materials are flammable, which restricts the growth.

There is a clear demand for novel fire retardants (FR) to expand the business potential for chosen products and markets.

Palonot FR technology is just right answer to the demand.

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