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Palonot is an enabler for future’s construction materials

Thermal and acoustic insulation products

Palonot technology becomes perfectly with emerging foam forming and biocomposites manufacturing processes and remarkably improves the fire protection of the products without any weakening of any other properties. 

Palonot technology is especially an enabler for future’s sustainable and safe insulation products used in buildings.

Wood claddings

Palonot’s patented concept for outdoor wood panel is leaching proof without any weather resistant coating. 

Palonot fire retardant will stay inside the the wooden cell of spruce even when the outdoor panel is soaked under water in extreme conditions.

Main benefits:

  • Low Cost of Fire Protection
  • Long Term Durability
  • Low Maintenance Cost

Structural building materials

LVL & CLT structures and one hour fire resistance criteria is possible to achieve with smaller dimensions.

  • Charring Rate Reduced 39 %
  • REI value will double for the same dimension (REI60 to REI 120)
  • Palonot F1 is pressure impregnated to the surface panel or veneer of CLT or LVL – Built-In fire protection

Main benefits:

  • Lighter Building Structures
  • Reduced Materials Cost for Building Elements
  • Low Cost of Fire Protection

LVL & CLT structures will be flame protected by using external biobased fire insulation panel instead of gypsum board – External fire protection

Other future’s fibre products

  • Natural cellulose fiber for textiles
  • Biobased materials for electric covers
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